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Did you know that you can start your business without a professional website? Yep, that’s right!

Whatever industry you’re in, you can start gaining clients without your own website. You can have a Facebook page to display your products and offer your services, build your own with a free website builder, market yourself through Facebook groups, sell your products in your neighbourhood, or just offer your services with freelancing platforms


Using the methods above will limit your growth and success.

You are missing the opportunity of reaching the wider audience.

It’s like you are fishing in a pond with small fishes while leaving the big fishes in the wide ocean.

If you are afraid to invest, then you are putting a barrier to your success.

PLUS… using the methods above is risky. WHY?

  • Facebook can remove your page anytime.
  • You don’t own the website you build in free website builder. They can take it down with or without notice.
  • Facebook group owners can ban you from the group for whatever reason
  • Freelancing website can suspend your account if they want to.

Why take the risk and limit yourself and stay small when you can grow and earn more?

It’s time to break that barrier!

But hey, wait a sec!

I already have a website in my own domain. I have full control. I have great products. I have a lot of traffic from my advertisements. I have a great sales pitch.

But, why? Why are they not taking action? Why are they not purchasing or even sign up for my freebie? It’s a freebie, ya’ know?

It’s simple, your website sucks!

I’m sorry to say that, but you need to hear the truth. As mention, you don’t need a website that is just website. What you need is a website that attracts your target market and converts your ideal customers. 

“A poorly designed website will lead to doubt of your professionalism and your legitimacy.”

With your purpose and vision, together with my skills and expertise, we’ll craft you a website that will help you attract your target market and convert your ideal clients and customers.

What you can get

  • A client startup kit that will help you fire up you business even more
  • An integration to your social media profiles so your audience can easily connect with you on social media
  • Done for you setup of your contact form so your visitors can directly send you their enquiries
  • I'll design you an optin/lead magnet form for your entry offer to collect your visitors email addresses
  • Making your website a Google-friendly by setting up basic SEO and help you show in search engines
  • A basic security setup so your visitors will feel secure and establish trust with you
  • A recorded walkthrough to guide you through on how you manage your website on your own after the project is completed
  • You are entitled for up to 15 days post launch support so you can get back to me anytime during this support period if you encounter any technical issues
  • During the project you can send me unlimited emails for any questions and project follow ups
  • A 60-min strategy call to talk about your insights on how you want you and how we can make it happen.

“I would highly recommend Novelyn, she is diligent, thorough, and proactive. She takes initiative in her work and made some excellent suggestions for me and my business.

Novelyn build my website for me and designed my logo. I adore my site and Logo. Everyone has commented on both and said how lovely they are, it really helped me and my business.”

     Amy Kneale | Virtually Amy Kneale

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